Industry Council for Small Business Development (ICSBD)
Silicon Valley, CA

Who are we?

We are a membership organization for Diverse Business Owners. The United States government has set aside a quota for Diverse Business Owners that large corporations must comply. We educate you as a business owner and help you meet the right buyers from large corporations. Read/download Flyer.

The Industry Council facilitates collaboration, leadership, education and procurement opportunities for the advancement and development of supplier excellence, as well as providing unique training and mentorship opportunities for small business owners and associates.

What does Diverse Business Owner mean?

The United States government defines you as a Diverse Business owner if you are a Woman, Veteran, LGBTQ, Disabled, African Americans (Black), Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans, Alaskan Native Americans and Indian Sub-Continent Americans. If you belong to any of these categories and you own a business, please click here to become a member of ICSBD.

Are there other organizations like ours?

Most organizations will service only certain minority groups. We are a one stop shop since we help all the categories that comes under 'Diverse Business Owner'. If you belong to any of these categories or you would like to be educated on any of these categories, please fill out this form and we will contact you.


Mission Statement

Industry Council facilitates and advocates business relationships between large, small and diverse businesses to promote commerce, procurement opportunities and educational development.

Upcoming Event

Wed., Jan. 16, 2019 - 11 am - 1 pm
ICSBD Luncheon and Agenda for 2019

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Recent Events

Industry Council monthly luncheon events provides a unique forum for association, training and membership with small and diverse business entities specifically geared toward adding value and skills vital to the success of corporate customers. The annual fee is $150 for a company membership and qualifies employees of that company discounted admission to monthly luncheons.

Member Reviews

“ICSBD introduced ICO RALLY to additional networking opportunities that were integral in gaining an introduction to key NASA prime contractors. After years of dedicated service to our customer base, ICO RALLY was accepted into the NASA Mentor-Protégé program, and has significantly improved our flight-cable assembly manufacturing services as a HUBZone certified supplier.”

Brian Cioffi
Technical Sales Engineer, ICO RALLY
P: 650-543-9428 | F: 650-543-9429 |

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