Bid Opportunities


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) is looking for potential suppliers for ombuds services.

The Ombuds Service provider (OSP) will operate in accordance with the International Ombudsman Association Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics and ensures that services are delivered in an independent, confidential, impartial, and informal manner. The OSP and LBNL will be jointly responsible for ensuring University policies and other guidance, including internal controls, are met.


Ombuds Services:

  • Provide informal, independent, neutral, and confidential ombuds services to all LBNL staff.
  • Ombuds services include:

1. Case intake
2. Case Assessment and Referral/Triage
3. Calendar management and scheduling
4. Ombuds services feedback survey administration
5. Program administration and management, including comprehensive personnel administration
6. Option Generation and Analysis

i. Case-Related Research
ii. Conflict Coaching and Consultation
ii. Group/Multi-Party Conflict Resolution
iv. Mediation
v. Shuttle Diplomacy
vi. Data Entry, Analysis and Reporting

  • Provide general learning resources and learning opportunities (one per quarter) to build general conflict competencies for broader LBNL audiences as appropriate
  • Provide upward feedback to LBNL points of contact regarding general trends and observations on a regular basis (e.g., quarterly or bi-annually). Issue annual report.

Phillip McCants
Small Business Liaison Officer
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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