Bid Opportunities

Mechanical Gate opportunity at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

- Installation of a brand new mechanical gate. Flat Arm w/LED lighting (12 Ft)/Strawberry Gate
- Installation of 2 flat arms w/LED lighting (12 Ft) on existing mechanical gate/Blackberry Gate (Note: The two gates are: Liftmaster BG770-50-11 and Delta AG12)

Map of these gates can be found at: Looking to get this completed by the end of the FY so I'm going to try and schedule a job walk sometime in the near future.

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Inventory Management Firm to set up and maintain Inventory System

- Receive and bar-code requested inventory into Subcontractor's warehouse and stockroom in a timely manner.
- Maintain appropriate quantity levels of requested inventory in designated rooms.
- At least once per month, the Subcontractor shall perform a physical inventory of each item on the Inventory Items list in each of the stockrooms
- The Subcontractor shall effectively and efficiently manage inventory items according to generally accepted inventory management principles

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