Member Reviews

“Attending the SD Manager Round Table was a game changer! I was faced with a challenging audit that I hadn’t been through before. Sure I would fail the audit I went to the group for advice. Not sure where to even begin I shared my problem with the group hoping for a bit of advice.

After going through a few rounds of clarifying questions the group surprised me. Instead of each member offering a piece of advice and then moving on to the next person’s question they all gave up their turns to help me! Each and every person offered exceptional advice, reached out to me in the coming weeks to see if they could be of further assistance, and offered encouragement that was much needed.

The advice received was on point- the audit went smoothly and we passed! I cannot thank each and every one enough for their help. The SD Manager Round Table is THE best resource for SD professionals. Where else can you tap into years of professional experience coupled with a group of selfless individuals who simply want to help you succeed? ”

Carol Andersen |

“ICSBD introduced ICO RALLY to additional networking opportunities that were integral in gaining an introduction to key NASA prime contractors. After years of dedicated service to our customer base, ICO RALLY was accepted into the NASA Mentor-Protégé program, and has significantly improved our flight-cable assembly manufacturing services as a HUBZone certified supplier.”

Brian Cioffi
Technical Sales Engineer, ICO RALLY
P: 650-543-9428 | F: 650-543-9429 |

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